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          • 校园事



          As Chaplain, Fr. Max coordinates all school liturgies, including weekly Mass, special Masses,  Penance Services, and Para-Liturgies for special events.  He also makes the Sacrament of Reconciliation available to students in the chapel twice a week.  He is available as a spiritual guide for all students, faculty and staff, and he presides at the weekly Mass for the St. Monica Prayer Group – a group of Saints parents-on Thursday mornings.  This year Fr. Max is teaching one block of Old Testament and New Testament to Sophomores.  He also spends a week in the classroom in both Fall and Spring semesters teaching freshmen students about the life of St. Augustine, and the Life & History of the 为了圣的。澳门送彩金.  He contributes a column to the student newspaper 澳门送彩金, and to the school’s e-magazine Saints Scene.

          FR。最大合作与校园部团队在支持我们的撤退和服务程序,服务浸入和精神朝圣。他与HOGAR INFANTIL俱乐部紧密合作,陪同团上月访问孤儿院,其中包括质量。他还同在协调圣人学生交换项目与我们在佩诺诺梅学校,巴拿马和秘鲁首都利马的外语系。





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